Elevator encoder 1024 pulse ROTARY ENCODER




Model, ZKT8030-002J-1024BZ3-5L

Model prefix for each brand labeling can not refer to, which 8030 1024 5L for the main parameters. 80 on behalf of the outer diameter of the encoder, 30 on behalf of the size of the encoder bore (bore size optional) 1024 for the encoder pulse, L on behalf of the output mode!

So the three elements of the encoder, know the size of the encoder OD bore, the number of pulses, and the output signal can be!

Output signals are divided into , NPN PNP voltage output, long line drive output, complementary output.

NPN signal for Asia commonly used signals such as Omron Mitsubishi PLC drive

PNP for Europe and the United States commonly used signals, such as Siemens PLC needs PNP drive

Complementary signals for NPN and PNP common signals, you can drive the newer PLCs on the market to support complementary

Voltage signals are not commonly used to drive microcontroller oscilloscope, etc.

Differential signal for the output A + B + Z + A-B – Z – signal.

Elevator encoder 1024 pulses various pulses/apertures optional ROTARY ENCODER hollow shaft

Elevator encoder 1024 pulse ROTARY ENCODER

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15MM inner hole, 18MM inner hole, 20MM inner hole, 22MM inner hole, 25MM inner hole, 28MM inner hole, 30MM inner hole, 32MM inner hole, 35MM inner hole, 38MM inner hole, 40MM inner hole, 42MM inner hole, 50MM inner hole, 55MM inner hole, 45MM inner hole


100 pulses, 200 pulses, 360 pulses, 600 pulses, 1000 pulses, 1024 pulses, 2000 pulses, 5000 pulses, 2500 pulses, Other pulses

output signal

5V 8 lines output, 5-24V 4 wires, 5-24V 5wire, 5-24V 8 lines output


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