Horizontal Liquid Reservoir Cold Storage



Product Name:Horizontal Liquid Reservoir

Liquid reservoir adopts advanced automatic welding technology, its strength and air tightness is good, it is the ideal refrigeration supporting components. It is made of high quality steel pipe and can be installed in high temperature and high pressure system. This product can be customized according to customer’s requirements, when ordering, choose vertical or horizontal reservoir.


●Equipped with inlet rotary shut-off valve or fusible safety valve.

Durable steel housing improves service life.

Corrosion-resistant electrostatic spraying process prevents rusting outside the housing.

Design Functions.


2、Stretching sleeve (Q235)

3、Suction tube (Q235)

4、Stop valve

Horizontal Liquid Reservoir Cold Storage
Horizontal Liquid Reservoir Cold Storage
Horizontal Liquid Reservoir Cold Storage

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Weight 1 kg
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