ME70201V1-000C-A99 SUNON DC fan




Manufacturer: SUNON
Operating voltage:4.5…. .13.8V
Fan size:70x70x20 mm
Power consumption:1.56W
Rated Current:0.13A
Fan efficiency: 49m3/h
Noise Level: 33dBA
Bearing Type: Steam
RPM/Speed: 3200 (±10%) rpm
Impeller Material: Thermoplastic
Housing Material: Thermoplastic
Leads:Lead wire x2
Operating temperature: -10…. …70°C
Cable length: 0.3m

Original SUNON built-in ME70201V1-000C-A99 7020 12v inverter DC cooling fan


Flammability class

ECE R-118:
This regulation applies to the fire test of materials used in automotive interiors, such as upholstery, floor coverings, etc.
Automotive interiors, floor coverings, etc.

This standard is used to assess the flammability of plastic materials.
The flammability is evaluated for the
and construction industries.


Additional features
Automatic Start

Fan Motor
Brushless DC

Static Pressure
3.55 mm H2O

Wire Size
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Supply Voltage
12 VDC
Gross Weight 60 grams

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ME70201V1-000C-A99 SUNON DC fan
ME70201V1-000C-A99 SUNON DC fan

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Weight 1 kg
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ME70201V1-000C-A99, ME70201V2-000C-A99, ME70201V3-000C-A99


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