MGA9224UB-O25 Protechnic 24V 0.48A inverter fan




Original Yongli Protechnic MGA9224UB-O25 9225 24V0.48A inverter cooling fan
Fan model: MGA9224UB-O25
Fan type: DC axial fan
Fan size 92×92×25 mm
Rated voltage: DC 24V
Input current: 0.48A
Input power: 11.52W
Rated speed: 3800 RPM
Air volume: 70.08 CFM (cubic feet per minute) = 1.985 CMM (cubic meters per minute)
Wind pressure: 7.02 mmAq (millimeters of water column) = 0.276 inchAq (inches of water column)
Noise: 44.2 dB-A (divided)
Product net weight: 95 g
Wire terminal: 2 pin wire, red wire positive, black wire negative, the wire length is about 30cm, the bare wire port has no plug, if you need to process the specified plug, please contact customer service
Function support: (O) Automatic restart and locking current protection
Protection functions: stall protection, reverse connection protection
Safety certification: UL certification, TUV certification, CE certification
Motor bearing type: double ball bearing
Frame and fan blade material: plastic material
Usage environment and lifespan: -10 ℃ below zero to 70 ℃ above zero, continuous operation in normal environment for about 50,000 hours
Applicable fields: Suitable for many fields

MGA9224UB-O25 Protechnic 24V 0.48A inverter fan
MGA9224UB-O25 Protechnic 24V 0.48A inverter fan

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