S4E350-AQ02-C01 ebmpapst 220V 0.8/1.2A inverter fan




Original ebmpapst S4E350-AQ02-C01 220V 0.8/1.2A inverter cooling fan
Current: 0.8~1.2A
Power 180/275W
Bearing structure: ball bearing
Wiring method: lead type
Frame leaf: Metal frame leaf
The ebmpapst axial flow fan is a space-saving classic product that can drive air to exchange heat and cooling in a variety of devices and systems. Their low installation depth, low noise and high efficiency make them an excellent choice, especially for heat exchange air flows. The EC design makes them intelligent (classic energy-saving workers), and this design can be used in many fields, especially in ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and the automotive industry.

Performance overview:

– Compact appearance.
– Can choose between AC and EC.
– Wide variety with different options in design, size and air performance.
– The fan blades adopt advanced aerodynamic design concepts and have low noise.
– Features an energy-saving design and integrates control functions and changing sensor signals in EC technology.
– Designed in AC and EC technology for frost-free refrigeration and cryogenic installations.
– Wide selection of accessories, including protective grids, basket-type protective grids, wall rings, capacitors and junction boxes.
– Axial fans can be dynamically balanced on both sides according to DIN ISO 1940.
– Obtained VDE, UL, CSA, CE and GOST certifications.

S4E350-AQ02-C01 ebmpapst 220V 0.8/1.2A inverter fan
S4E350-AQ02-C01 ebmpapst 220V 0.8/1.2A inverter fan
S4E350-AQ02-C01 ebmpapst 220V 0.8/1.2A inverter fan

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