shimaden thermostat SRS3 srs4



Japan’s Shimaden thermostat SRS3 programmable temperature control table srs4 multi-specification model replaces SR3 shimaden thermostat SRS3 srs4 

SHIMADEN SRS3-Y SR3-8I-1CSR3-8P-1W temperature control
shimaden thermostat SRS3 srs4
shimaden thermostat SRS3 srs4
shimaden thermostat SRS3 srs4

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Weight 1 kg
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SRS3-P-N10, SRS3-I-N10, SRS3-V-N10, SRS3-Y-N10, SRS4-P-N10, SRS4-I-N10, SRS4-V-N10, SRS4-Y-N10, 1 curve 10 step program function, SRS5-P-N10, SRS5-I-N10, SRS5-V-N10, SRS5-Y-N10, SRS1-P-N10, SRS1-I-N10, SRS1-V-N10, SRS1-Y-N10, SRS3-I-N16, SRS4-I-N16, SRS3-I-P10 with 10-segment programming


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