BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0/5RRG0 780LC3/1045LC3 Fanuc ball screw




BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0/5RRG0 780LC3/1045LC3  FANUC ball screw

BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0 780LC3 X-axis ball screw
BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0 1045LC3 Y-axis ball screw
BIF2516HSS-5RRG0 778LC3 Z-axis ball screw
SHS25LC2SSC0E 790LH-II (C) X-axis linear guide
SHS25LC2SSC0E 930LH-II (C) Y-axis linear guide
SVS30R2SSC0E 828LHS-II (C) Z-axis linear guide

BIF2516HSS-5RRG0 778LC3 Fanuc ball screw

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Weight 1 kg
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BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0 780LC3 X-axis ball screw, BNF2516HSS-2.5RRG0 1045LC3 Y-axis ball screw, BIF2516HSS-5RRG0 778LC3 Z-axis ball screw, SHS25LC2SSC0E 790LH-II (C) X-axis linear guide, SHS25LC2SSC0E 930LH-II (C) Y-axis linear guide, SVS30R2SSC0E 828LHS-II (C) Z-axis linear guide


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