D06T-12P3S2AJ NIDEC 6025 12V 0.30A fan




D06T-12P3S2AJ spot NIDEC 6025 12V 0.30A inverter LED cooling fan
[Specification model]:D06T-12P3S2AJ
[Appearance size]:60×60×25mm
[Rated voltage]: DC12V
[Voltage range]: DC10.0V-14.0V
[Input power]:0.30A
[Rated speed]: 4500 r.p.m [Temperature range]: -10-60 °C
[Estimated life]: L10 estimated life of 50,000 hours at 25°C [Bearing structure]: Wear-resistant hydraulic bearing
[Rotation direction]: The air is discharged from the bracket and rotates counterclockwise facing the rotor [Wiring method]: + red – black signal: yellow
[Maximum air volume]:36.0 m3/h
[Motor protection]: wrong-level protection and locked-rotor protection [minimum wind pressure]: 0- 49.0 Pa
[Noise index]:30.0 dbA
[Material]: Glass fiber reinforced plastic, PBT shell, PA blade
[Function Description]: Electronically commutated external rotor DC fan, complete electronic commutated components
Brand new fan in original packaging

The fan uses double ball bearings and the parameters are as follows:
Overall dimensions: 60*60*25mm
Rated voltage: DC 12V
Rated current: 0.30A
Fan interface: standard motherboard 3-pin
Cord length: 15CM
3-wire speed test
Features Maintenance-free high-quality double ball bearings, long service life and large air volume.
If the original interface is not suitable, it can be replaced for free.

D06T-12P3S2AJ NIDEC 6025 12V 0.30A fan

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