R22 expansion valve 1-9.0



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[Product name] Expansion valve
The thermal expansion valve is used to regulate the supply of refrigerant liquid injected into the evaporator.
The supply amount is controlled by the superheat of the refrigerant, so it is particularly suitable for the supply of refrigerant liquid in dry evaporators, because the superheat of the refrigerant at the evaporator outlet is proportional to its load.
【Working conditions】
◆Temperature range: -40℃~+10℃.
◆Adjustable superheat (2℃~+8℃): It can be matched with all evaporators to give full play to the efficiency of the evaporator.
◆Working pressure: 2.4MPa.
◆Test pressure: 3.0MPa.

R22 expansion valve 1-9.0
R22 expansion valve 1-9.0
R22 expansion valve 1-9.0
R22 expansion valve 1-9.0

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Internal balance: Φ2.0A, Internal balance: Φ3.0A, Internal balance: Φ4.0A, Internal balance: Φ5.0A, Internal balance: Φ7.0A, Internal balance: Φ1.0A, External balance: 12 tons of cooling, Internal balance: Φ9.0A


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