H3220ZE Ximaden Solid State Relay




Enhanced Solid State Relay
Product model:H3220ZE
Control voltage: 4-24V
Control current:>8mA
Output voltage range: 40-430v
Nominal current: 220A
On-state peak voltage: <1.5V
Off-state leakage current: <3mA
Trigger mode: zero-crossing trigger
Installation method: screw installation
Work instructions: LED
Ambient temperature: -30℃5o℃

H3220ZE Beijing Ximaden company directly sends ximaden solid state relay ssr high thermal conductivity DCB module H3220ZE Ximaden Solid State H3220ZE H3220PE Relay

H3220ZE Ximaden Solid State Relay
H3220ZE Ximaden Solid State Relay

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H3220ZE, H3220PE


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